Fax issues

I have logged six complaints about a fax line issue with etisalat, but they have still not resolved my problem. Every technician who comes to check it out, ends up giving an excuse and leaving.

As usual, I called 101 and followed their instructions for troubleshooting and still, there was no resolution. After following the verification process, the service staff from etisalat asked many questions related to technical issues that an ordinary person would be unable to answer. Only if they were satisfied with the troubleshooting process, would they book a complaint.

I think etisalat should improve their services, and attend to the complaint immediately after booking. The customer is not supposed to check the fault initially. Only authorised technicians from etisalat should attend to the fault, instead of wasting a customer’s time and energy for troubleshooting. Moreover, for booking the complaint, the customer has to spend some time, not less than 45 minutes, due to wrong voice navigation through 101.

I kindly request Gulf News to help us fix this issue.

From Mr Mohammad Gafour


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue was resolved. We have contacted the customer and he has confirmed that he is satisfied with our services.

Mr Gafour responds:

Yes, this issue has been resolved. Thanks, Gulf News and etisalat.

(Process initiation: March 20. Response from organisation: March 23. Reader response: April 23.)

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