Desperate to get money back!

I really need Gulf News’ help to understand my loan settlement calculation with Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB). Initially, when I applied for a loan, I got the documentation from the bank salesperson, but it didn’t have a monthly breakdown on the loan, like the principle amount, interest and balance loan amount. So, I went to their Bur Dubai branch and they told me they could not give me a breakdown, but the only person who can do so is the same salesperson, who had left the company.

So, as I was unhappy with the bank’s customer service, I tried to take a loan from another bank and made an early settlement. However, when I went to the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) branch to apply for my liability letter, I again asked for a breakdown, but they said it would come once I make a payment. Ever since I made an early settlement on January 24, I have gone four times to the JBR branch to understand what my total outstanding balance was, but, according to them, they said they could only confirm it once they receive the settlement clearance letter. So, when it came to me, I still didn’t get any information and I made a payment again, even though they processed a direct debit from my savings account.

According to branch staff, the settlement takes three to four working days, so I called the customer service on January 29 and when I heard from the bank, they told me they could see an update of an early settlement made on January 27, which was delayed by three days already. Then, I called them again on February 4 and they told me an update was in process and, finally, I received a settlement on February 12. I went to the branch on February 14 to understand my final settlement, but they said it wasn’t done from the back office and I ended up paying extra.

But, unfortunately, I am still running blind, with no such information provided by the JBR branch. They only raise their hands, saying they can’t do anything, as it was processed from the back office.

After several follow ups with the bank’s customer service and branch, I am still struggling to get information on what was overcharged to me. I have all the proof stamps signed by the bank. Please help me regarding this!

From Mr Nikul Gajipara

Abu Dhabi

The management of Dubai Islamic Bank responds:

We are happy to let you know that the bank has gotten in touch with the customer and the issue has been resolved.

Mr Gajipara responds:

I finally managed to resolve my calculation issue with DIB and found a discrepancy of Dh979, where they overcharged me, but as per my last conversation, the representative assured me a refund through manager’s cheque. She also told me she would call me to confirm, when to pick it up from branch.

The reason I’m writing again regarding this issue, is that she didn’t call me back to pick up the cheque and since then, I have been following up with the bank’s customer service. They are saying they have placed the request for the sales representative to call me back regarding this matter, but, unfortunately, I’m still chasing the issue and waiting for my money to be refunded.

Please help me get my balance amount from the bank. I am so desperate for this money and I haven’t been able to trace the salesperson.

The management of Dubai Islamic Bank responds:

Dubai Islamic Bank would like to confirm that our customer service team has been in touch with Mr Gajipara to address this issue. We have provided him with a monthly breakdown of charges related to the bank’s Al Islami Personal Finance service as per his request.

The period between the settlement request date and the actual settlement date resulted in the final calculation differential. The customer has been issued a manager’s cheque for the same.

DIB’s Al Islami Personal Finance is one of the industry’s leading Sharia-compliant financing services and offers competitive profit rates. Our team of customer service representatives are trained to help people fully understand their financing requirements so that we can provide them the services that best meet their individual needs.

Mr Gajipara responds:

Yes, I have received the difference amount from the bank after Gulf News approached the management. I also received the past two months’ breakdowns. I struggled a lot to get my money from the bank, but finally, with the help of Gulf News, managed to get the difference amount and for that, I really appreciate the help.

(Process initiation: February 23. Response from organisation: March 2. Process completion: April 30.)

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