Cryptic calculations

With reference to my bank loan with Noor Bank since June 2014, I feel I have been cheated in the loan calculation. The relationship officer had promised a personal loan 20 times that of my salary, with an interest of 5.5 per cent reducing rate. The first instalment was after three months. However, he did not check my original passport and ID and advised that if the bank checked for verification, I should reply that my ID had been verified.

He made me sign the application form without reading its content and told me that he would fill out the form himself. I provided him with a blank cheque at Noor Bank, where I am holding a bank account (current).

After submitting the documents, the bank approved a loan for Dh158,000 and I received the approval copy in which they mentioned that per month instalment would be Dh4,015. When I received this letter, I called the relationship officer and asked about the instalment rate being higher than promised.

He had promised a 5.5 per cent reducing rate but in the statement, it showed a flat rate. The relationship officer asked me to send the statement copy to him and promised he would send a revised one after completion. He said he would take the painstaking effort to complete all the documentation in time. He compelled me to give him a liability letter and said he would sort out the problem.

I followed up with him constantly. For one month, he kept on delaying and ignoring my calls. One day, he suddenly called me and informed that he is going away on an emergency leave for three days and would return and settle the loan issues. One week passed, but he did not return. After that, I raised a complaint with the bank’s call centre three times, but they did not respond.

After failing to get in touch that way, I contacted the relationship officer’s manager and complained against his staff member. I told him that the officer cheated me. After listening to the whole matter, he promised that whatever loss was caused to me by the banker would be sorted out and that I needn’t raise an issue until the staff member returned.

The manager said the employee’s salary and commission was blocked in order to take action against him for the miscommunication.

After the banker returned from leave, he did not pick up my call and the manager took no action against him. The manager stopped answering my queries.

After calling the call centre and speaking to the quality service team, I was given a reference number. I received a call from two customer service agents, with whom I discussed the entire matter. They promised that it would be taken to the higher management and said they would advise me regarding further developments.

From June 2014 onwards, I stopped receiving the loan amount. After calling the manager and asking about any development, he advised me that nothing further could happen in my case. He kept on insisting that I had signed a document which states everything clearly, when the reality is that I haven’t signed any such letter.

I had an loan running with Standard Charted Bank, which I had transferred to Noor Bank, and in this transfer as well, I have lost Dh10,992 along with one per cent in insurance and processing fees.

The reason I am contacting Gulf News is to solve my problem as the bank is taking no responsibility to sort out the issue. The newspaper’s action in this matter would be highly appreciated.

From Mr Mohammad Ashad


The management of Noor Bank responds:

Noor Bank is committed to resolving customer complaints amicably and to the fullest satisfaction of the complainant. We are always transparent with our customers. This starts with acknowledging the problem raised by the concerned individual and working towards a swift resolution.

In this case, soon after hearing from Gulf News of Mr Ashad’s complaint, our Service Quality Department investigated the matter, looking into the call records and got in touch with him to resolve the issue. We assured Mr Ashad that he would not face a similar problem in the future. Subsequently, Mr Ashad sent an email to Noor Bank, withdrawing the complaint and thanking the manager who sorted the issue.

Noor Bank wishes to assure all customers of our best service and prompt response to any complaints and grievances they may have.

Mr Ashad responds:

The matter has been sorted out amicably. The relationship officer and the deputy manager have cleared my loss amount.

I am much obliged by the support and kindness shown by the newspaper to sort out the issue. May Gulf News continue to help others with the same kind of issues. Good job!

(Process initiation: September 13. Response from organisation: September 21. Reader confirmation: September 21.)

Wrong billing

I have been running back and forth to etisalat’s business centre and made several calls to their call centre on a daily basis, but have had no luck. I have written over 30 emails to them and every time, I just receive a standard reply and the same goes with the call centre. My phone has been disconnected due to high billing amount but I was asked by an etisalat representative to pay and was told that the credit would be refunded eventually. However, despite having done so, etisalat keeps charging me for calls I make, even though I am entitled to 250 free national and international minutes per month. I am supposed to pay Dh100 per month, however, till date I have been charged Dh985.

From Mr Mufaddal Abbas Lokhandwala


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue was resolved.

Mr Lokhandwala responds:

I confirm that my issue with etisalat has been resolved.

(Process initiation: August 28. Response from organisation: September 21. Reader confirmation: October 17.)

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