I visited du to register my SIM card and presented my renewed identification. There was a long queue and after waiting at least an hour, I completed the registration process since there was only one window open. The next day, I received a message from du in Arabic and English that my SIM and identity documents have been successfully registered in line with the the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and that there was no need to do anything else. Just continue to enjoy du services as normal. However, to my utter surprise, only after two days, I started receiving messages from du that the ID used to register my SIM card had expired.

It should be noted that when we visited any of the outlets, we are always informed that the du system was not working at the moment.

I also made an online complaint through email to the du Customer Service, and I was replied/advised to revisit du for updating/registration of my ID details. I could have gone to a du outlet if there had been no long queue or time consuming factor.

The above messages from du are clearly showing a system error that needs to be rectified immediately in order to avoid great inconvenience being caused to the general public.

From Mr Mumtaz Hussain


The management of du responds:

In response to the query from Mr Mumtaz Hussain, our technical team has looked into the issue. In this instance, an incorrect uploading of data triggered an SMS mis-communication. In addition, the team has attempted to contact the customer to inform him of the same. We regret inconvenience caused by this issue.

Mr Hussain responds:

Many thanks for your kind assistance, Gulf News. Yes, the matter has now been resolved. Du management has taken extra care to settle my complaint. If possible, please convince du to entertain elders separately and make the system hassle free.

I once again am thankful to Gulf News for resolving the matter.

(Process initiation: September 20. Response from organisation: September 29. Reader confirmation: October 3).

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