Billed on a cancelled connection

I have been using e-Life Triple Play with internet, landline and television channels, for over a year now, since June 2014. But I was recently transferred through work and moved to Sharjah in July 2015.

I walked into one of etisalat’s branches in Abu Shagara, Sharjah, on August 2, 2015, in order to close my account. I was advised by staff to clear my entire outstanding balance in order for me to obtain a ‘No dues certificate’. I was asked to pay a total outstanding balance of Dh706, as calculated by their system. I obliged and did a spot credit card payment and still hold the receipt of the payment. I asked etisalat’s staff twice if my account would be closed, and the agent said ‘yes’. She also assured me that no bills would be generated, going forward.

I guess this is a simple conversation which can be read and understood, but here starts my nightmare. I received an e-bill from etisalat on August 7 at 7.41pm, stating that a new bill had been generated for the period of August 1 to 31, which was due to be paid by September 15.

My question to the concerned department is — how can a bill be generated on a cancelled connection? I was assured by their staff that my connection would be cancelled and no bills would be generated. I called up their customer care on 101 and spoke to an agent, who explained that it’s etisalat’s policy and I would need to pay my balance. I got in touch with his superior, who also said that it’s their policy and I would have to pay the balance on the closed account. Can anyone explain this to me?

Now, I have been receiving final demand notices from etisalat’s collections department.

From Mr Peter David


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue was resolved and the customer has been updated.

Mr David updates:

Thank you Gulf News, etisalat has waived off my charges.

(Process initiation: September 15. Response from organisation: September 20. Response from reader: October 4.)

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