I received a message from Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) to pay for a credit card, which I have not activated. Since the past two years, I have not even used any of their services.

In 2015, I had asked for my account and my credit card with Barclays to be cancelled. Barclays credit card division was taken over by ADIB at the time, after which, ADIB sent me a credit card, which I never activated.

In January 2017, I received a message from ADIB that I would need to pay due amount of Dh750. I called up ADIB on January 17, 2017, and they claimed that I would have to pay Dh750 as annual fee. I told them that I do not use the card and did not even activate it. I had put up a request to cancel it last year as well. I was then given a complaint number and told that the matter would be addressed.

Since then, I have not received any communication from ADIB on this matter. I am only receiving text messages reminding me to pay fees and subsequent interest charges, with threats of referring the matter to their collections department. On calling ADIB’s helpline number, I was told to take a personal identification number (Pin) first, in the absence of which, they would not be able to advise me about the outcome of my complaint. It was brought to my knowledge that they had kept my account active (without my agreement) and are now asking me to pay, and sending me regular reminders to pay towards a credit card, which has neither been activated nor made available to me.

I fear that ADIB will now start sending me reminders every day and force me to pay Dh750 plus late payment charges. There is no amount payable from my side to ADIB. The bank should close my account.

From Ms Rashmi Moore


The management of ADIB responds:

With regards to this complaint, please note the customer was offered a retention in January 2017 to which, customer has to confirm to be able to cancel the card. However, we received no response from the customer on this.

We have now reminded the customer and she has stated that she got confused with an offer from another bank. The customer had no further concerns, and she is satisfied. We will be proceeding based on her response.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Ms Moore responds:

I appreciate the intervention by Gulf News. The matter is now resolved. I received a call from ADIB and they confirmed that they would reverse all the charges and cancel the card. I agree that an offer was made in January, which was confusing, and since then, I had not been able to connect with the bank even after several attempts.

I am glad that the matter is sorted out and appreciate the prompt response and action by ADIB and support from Gulf News.

(Process initiation: April 26. Response from organisation: April 27. Reader confirmation: April 27.)

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