Account closure

I am facing an issue with etisalat about an account closure, which was a case from two years ago. Etisalat asked me to pay around Dh1,300 for account closure, claiming that this was for the receiver, and also asked for one-month notice charges. I had given one month’s notice to etisalat as well as to my landlord, as my tenancy contract was ending on April 30. Furthermore, I personally visited the etisalat offices to submit the receiver but they didn’t ask for it or take it, nor did they mention anything about any notice charges. I left the office after confirming the account was closed.

Could Gulf News please help me resolve this issue? I have been dragged into this for no reason. I would appreciate any assistance in this matter.

From Mr Jamil Hamza Tekedil

Umm Al Quwain

The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer was contacted and we found that the customer did not deliver the set top box (STB) to etisalat. He threw away the device and confirmed this.

So the customer’s claim to refund the remaining charge of Dh850 is invalid, as the device has not been submitted and the other charges have been refunded already.

The customer was contacted and updated.

Mr Tekedil responds:

Thank you Gulf News for the feedback. I took the receiver to etisalat’s office and the concerned person didn’t ask for it, nor did he take it. My account was closed, with the confirmation that all formalities had been completed. Etisalat has given a diplomatic answer in this case, which is not fair.

Etisalat’s customer service staff called me recently and acknowledged the mistake on their end, as their system was not up to date when this incident happened. The representative also agreed that they have a mechanism in place since the last three months, which cannot allow the account to be closed without full settlement.

It is simple — contacting a customer after two years for account closure doesn’t make any logical sense. If Gulf News can assist further, it would be great. I appreciate all the support.

Etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer requested to refund the charges of Dh850 for STB, which wasn’t submitted to etisalat.

Action taken: Dh850 has been refunded for the customer’s satisfaction.

The customer, who visited etisalat in May 2013, asked to cease the account, which was ‘not ceased due to non-payment’. He paid the outstanding amount and cleared his dues at the counter.

Mr Tekedil responds:

I would like to confirm that the issue has been resolved. I must say, without Gulf News’ intervention, this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for all the effort and my gratitude to etisalat as well, for their kind understanding.

(Process initiation: July 27. Response from organisation: July 30. Process completion: August 26.)

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