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The World Diabetes Day (WDD) is celebrated every year on November 14, engaging millions of people worldwide in diabetes advocacy and awareness. This year, the WDD was themed “Diabetes Education and Prevention” and on November 16, after several months of careful planning, nearly 50 young people participated in a culinary ride with the Student Representative Council (SRC) of University of Wollongong (UOWD), in collaboration with the youth group, SynergY, and supported by International Center for Culinary Arts Dubai, at the altruistic event to raise awareness regarding diabetes in the UAE.

On WDD, participants got the opportunity to cook and learn the recipes for healthy dishes. The chefs cooked live and demonstrated various dishes. Moreover, the guest chefs engaged the participants and got them interested in healthy food choices. The most cherished dishes by the crowd were the assorted healthy canapes and a healthy dessert — mango yoghurt panna cotta.

The cooking session was followed by a talk on diabetes and its relation to food, which was followed by a demonstration and tasting of the dishes.

Madhyama Naswa, an SRC representative at UOWD, said: “The culinary experts were all set and engaged students and youth to learn healthy cooking and try out the dishes in a fun-filled atmosphere.”

I believe that the event was truly inspirational and close to my heart.


The reader is the founder of SynergY.


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