This map from the Global Peace Index report shows how the state of peace across the world looks like as of now Image Credit: www.visionofhumanity.org

The following facts from the Global Peace Index Report 2016 reiterates the realities of world peace today. The global impact of violence is increasing year-on-year.

1. Peace Indices

81 countries in the world became more peaceful as shown by their improving peace indices. But this positive impact is nullified by 79 countries that became less peaceful or were struck by war, terrorism or conflict in the last year.

2. Cost of global violence

The economic impact of violence is at US$13.6 trillion (Dh49.9 trillion) which is a staggering 13.3 per cent of gross world product or total global economic activity in 2015-2016.

3. Global per capita cost of violence

As of this report, each person in the world lost US$1,876 (Dh6,890) last year due to global violence which is equivalent to losing US$5 (more than Dh18) per day per person.

4. Peacekeeping investments

Peacekeeping funds and peacebuilding investment at US$15 billion (approximately Dh55 billion), is only 2 per cent of the total economic loss created by violence and conflict.

5. Terrorist acts recorded

There are only 69 countries in the world which did not record a terrorist incident in the last year.

6. Highest number of terrorist attacks

5 countries recorded the majority of terrorist attacks in 2015-2016: Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria

7. Refugees and displaced people

10 per cent of the population in nine countries across the world are displaced people or refugees. 20 per cent of population in Somalia and South Sudan are displaced people or refugees, while 60 per cent of Syrian population fall in this category.

8. Political instability

6 countries with the worst political deteriorations from last year are Djibouti, Guinea-Bissau, Poland, Burundi, Kazakhstan and Brazil.

9. Global impact of terrorism

Only 37 out of the 163 countries measured reported no impact of terrorism, which is just over 22 per cent.

10. Vision forward

Goal 16 – part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with 17 goals adopted by UN member states, officially came into force on January 1. Goal 16 focuses on promotion of peaceful societies, provision for access to justice for all and building accountable institutions at various levels.