Vicki Hallatt, deputy head teacher Image Credit: Supplied

Vicki Hallatt, British, deputy head teacher

I shop with my husband for things for our house and wardrobe. I usually go to Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates as these have my favourite shops and are easy to access. I like to shop in the morning before they get too busy and chaotic. I hate shopping in the afternoon.

Rosemond Koshy, Indian, business development manager

DSS is the time to shop for clothes and gadgets to take back home as gifts. When it comes to buying electronics, I usually take a decision after comparing the prices at two or three key stores. Sometimes it’s not just the price, but the add-ons with a product that make a deal truly attractive.

Ali Asad Malik, Pakistani, general manager

My wardrobe is in need for a serious upgrade, so I’m going to look for some good deals at Zara and H&M. Since half of my family is in Pakistan, I try to look out for deals on electronics that I can buy as gifts. This is a great time for gift shopping at a bargain for friends and family back home.

Lilian Fernandes, Indian, office manager

I look for deals specially on kids’ items such as clothes, shoes and accessories. I also love shoes and bags, so I keep an eye out for good discounts on them. Since I have a lot of family friends in Dubai, I try to buy their gifts for birthdays and Christmas in advance during sales.

Ameni Esseibi, Tunisian, student and model

During shopping festivals and sales, I always look forward to buying those non-essential things that I wouldn’t otherwise buy. This is the time to update my wardrobe with the year’s biggest fashion trends. I just go to the mall and whatever catches my eye ends up in my closet.

Joy M. de Barnier, French, film student

I will be looking for swimsuits, shorts and some nice shirts and tank tops that I can mix and match to create a cool as well as a classy outfit. I love giving presents, so I would like to buy things for my family members and close friends. This is a good time to change style without spending a lot of money. 

Khushboo Rochlani, Indian, marketing manager

The summer season is a great time to avail of the genuine promotions and discounts. It’s the right time to plan good buys for yourself and the family. While I look for deals on home decor, I also keep an eye on top brands. I love to shop at Harvey Nichols and Galeries Lafayette during DSS.

The writer is an intern at Gulf News Commercial Publishing