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Diabetes is a chronic disease with the potential to affect all organs and organ systems. Yet patients can live a long and healthy life if the diagnosis is made at an early stage and therapeutic management is provided according to international best practices. 

Modern diabetes management should be holistic and integrated. The treatment focus should not only be on controlling blood sugar, cholesterol and hypertension but should also be directed towards prevention, early detection and the treatment of organ complications. 

Diabetes: frequent complications

Heart disease and stroke caused by damage of blood vessels

Eye disease (diabetic retinopathy) caused by damage of blood vessels of the retina

Low blood glucose (hypoglycaemia) occurs when blood glucose drops too low

Gum disease (plaques, gingivitis, periodontitis, cavities) caused by hyper-acidity and overgrowth of bacteria

Nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy) caused by nerve damage, potentially affecting feet and limbs

Sexual and bladder problems caused by damage of blood vessels and nerves

Kidney disease (diabetic nephropathy) caused by damage of blood vessel clusters (glomeruli) and other specific cells in the kidneys

Depression as a reaction to the chronic disease and organ complications 

Diabetic foot, diabetic ulcer caused by damaged blood vessels 

Unpleasant side effects and complications can be avoided in many cases or at least delayed, if all needed elements of diabetes management are considered thoroughly. 

However, it is difficult for patients to coordinate all needed appointments without missing important follow-up visits and control exams. 

At Amber Clinics, diabetes patients can register in a specific Diabetes Management Programme. Our dedicated staff will develop a personalised treatment plan for you: all needed visits and screening exams are proposed and tracked, and the patients are reminded in a timely manner of their appointment.

Amber clinics also offer regular patient education to diabetic patients. In interactive sessions the patient will learn about all relevant elements of diabetes management and understand the importance of regular follow-up visits and screening exams. The programme is free of cost for everybody.

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