Sankha Biswas
Image Credit: Supplied

In your capacity as CEO of Nutridor, please share the USP of the brand and a bit of history.

Nutridor is a subsidiary of Tropical General Investment (TGI) group, which has been in operation for the last four decades and continues to expand its presence globally with a vision to become a local player with global brands.

Nutridor has a unique portfolio of dairy brands that strongly connects with consumer trends and demands. We continue to inspire better choices by improving the nutritional quality of our food and beverages; we do this by combining the strength and innovation expertise of a global organisation.

Dairy products are considered a foundation of health for many cultures. With Abevia, our flagship dairy brand, we leverage the best of our science and product expertise to provide families with both nutritionally enriched milk products and delicious dairy treats. Add Abevia, add goodness to life.

What are the key strategies Nutridor-Abevia uses for GCC and the UAE market in particular?

With its dairy brand Abevia, Nutridor operates on its diversified portfolio and resilient product offering coupled with price-ladder variety across all socio-economic segments. Extensive and entrenched route to market with product innovation at its core, takes Abevia towards the healthy consumer minds. The new healthy food and lifestyle choices of millennials, market research, and consumer feedback data guides us to invest in product innovation, brand marketing, and social media campaigns towards consumer value addition.

Why is Nutridor’s dairy range Abevia the perfect lifestyle choice for dairy lovers?

It focuses on dairy products such as evaporated milk, sweet condensed milk, drinking yoghurt and ingredients such as butter, ghee, AMF, mozzarella, cheddar, Emmental, and paneer. Keeping our vision in mind, we explore healthy offerings and dairy benefits for consumers. It’s the task of our R&D to create products that combine great taste with healthy benefits.

What trends do you observe in the packaged dairy products market and what are the unique and disruptive things that Nutridor is doing in this space?

Today’s consumers are becoming more and more conscious about food and its benefits. Nutridor Abevia offers that differentiated benefit through its extensive R&D, while optimising price power point of affordability, trial and conversion towards the value offering. Good food should be available and affordable and that is where Abevia plays the disruptive role in the market. We build our brand towards health benefits that can appeal to a full socio-economic spectrum.

What are the future plans for Nutridor in the UAE and the Middle East?

We are prepared to seize tomorrow’s opportunities and can build on the right portfolio of products and brands to serve our consumers in a balanced array of geographies. With your constant support, we will continue to generate profitable and sustainable growth.