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As diabetes is a complex disease with the potential to affect all organs and organ systems, modern diabetes management must be holistic and integrated. If the three cornerstones of good treatment are considered thoroughly, side effects and complications can be avoided or at least delayed in many cases. For patients it is difficult however to coordinate all needed appointments without missing important follow-up visits and control exams. 

Interactive approach

At Amber Clinics, diabetes patients can register for their Diabetes Management Programme. An electronic program will help enrolled patients with their follow-up, where all visits and screening exams are tracked and patients are reminded of their appointments.

Amber Clinics also offer regular patient education to diabetics. This education programme consists of a series of interactive sessions, each attended by about 8-12 patients and moderated by experienced diabetes nurses and/or physicians. 

Better quality of life

Amber Clinics use the Diabetes Conversation Map Education Tools, which are recommended by the American Diabetes Association (with the friendly support of Lilly). Under the moderation of the educator nurse, all relevant elements of successful diabetes management are discussed among the attending patients. Important knowledge will be transferred and personal experiences exchanged between the patients. 

Scientific studies have shown that diabetics attending this kind of education had better outcomes, less complications and a better quality of life.

As Amber Clinics consider Diabetes Registry and Interactive Diabetes Education as a corporate social responsibility, attendance of both programmes is free of cost for everybody.

Please contact Amber Clinics if you have any questions about the Diabetes Registry, diabetes patient education or any other healthcare topic.

3 cornerstones of good treatment 

1. Modern medication for effective control of blood sugar, blood cholesterol and hypertension.
2. Regular organ screening to assure early diagnosis of organ complications. (eyes, skin and heart)
3. Lifestyle changes including regular physical exams and a healthy diet.

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