Jayden Smith, Bella Thorne and Kylie Jenner have all been rocking coloured hair this year Image Credit: Agencies

1. I don’t want to colour my hair a lot as it increases my white hair

FALSE. The reason hair goes white is the loss of melanin, a pigment that gives hair its colour. When we colour our hair, it can be hard to notice the proliferation of white hair — until it gets a little too much. As we grow older and more hair turns white, it’s more noticeable. But how early or late hair turns white is determined by our genes. 

2. My hair breaks easily because it’s coloured 

FALSE. Colouring hair with permanent colours may dry it out if you always use the product down the length of your hair — instead of on the roots alone, with demi or semi colours on the already coloured mid-lengths and ends. How you use colour matters.

3. I lost a lot of hair when I moved to Dubai because the water reacted to my hair colour

FALSE. Water can be a reason for dry hair and some damage, especially if it’s chlorinated, but never a reason for hair loss. It is always the stress of moving and changing of diets and routines that people don’t pay attention to. If it was the water then all women would shower ten times a day to lose body hair! 

4. Pre-lighteners and bleach break my hair

TRUE. Pre-lighteners are one of the most dangerous products in the hair industry. However if they are used correctly, with the right peroxide level, without extra heat and under expert guidance, they are safe to use. 

5. A keratin treatment can fix my damaged hair

FALSE. Keratin is not for repairing — its only job is to make the hair smoother and more manageable. So after a few months the hair is back to its previous condition and sometimes may even be worse because of excessive flat ironing done during the treatment.

6. My coloured hair goes really brassy in the summer

TRUE. Sun, pools and seawater tend to affect coloured hair badly by stripping out colour pigments. So it is advisable for people who colour their hair to use a suitable shampoo as it keeps the shine and revives the colour. Blonds in particular are always advised to use a purple shampoo to avoid their hair going too golden. 

7. I’ve been told to have a treatment every time I colour my hair

TRUE. Colouring your hair causes stress and opens the cuticles, so a hair treatment that seals them in again and restores any moisture lost during oxidation time is vital. Ignoring this rule is like driving a car without ever maintaining it.

8. I’m growing my hair so I shouldn’t cut it for one year

FALSE. Hair is like a tree. Without trimming, it just won’t blossom, particularly coloured hair. Women with coloured hair are advised to trim the ends every eight weeks to get rid of split ends and restore their look. Hair grows about 1cm a month, so a trim every eight weeks allows for growth.

9. I need a treatment to fix my split ends

FALSE. There is no treatment for split ends — coloured or not. The only treatment I recommend is a pair of scissors. 

— The writer is Creative Director and Master Colourist at Dubai salon Carla K powered by Claude. Her Facebook page is PoweredbyClaude