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The UAE heat can make you really sweat during summer. If you want to smell as fresh as a daisy all day, there is only one little secret to it. All it takes is to make a habit of maintaining good hygiene and using the right products the right way.

Follow these easy tips to help you become clean and sniff-worthy all day, every day.

1. Take a shower every day

This is the most basic thing you can do. Prevent body odour by taking daily showers. Lather soap or body wash all over yourself with a sponge. Don’t forget the folds behind your ears, your neck and back, and pay special attention to your sweaty parts like your armpits and legs.

Tip: Use freshly washed and dry towels. Unclean and moist towels can transfer bacteria that will leave unpleasant smelling odour on your skin.

2. Perfume sticks to moisturised skin

Once you step out of the shower, use cream on your skin to keep it fresh and healthy. Dryness not only sucks the life out of your skin but if you spray any kind of perfume, the fragrance will not last as long as you want it to. Keeping yourself hydrated all the time is not only good for your health but it keeps your skin nourished as well. Your body spray or perfume and lotion lasts longer if your skin is moisturised.

Tip: Rub some petroleum jelly on your pulse points before spraying your perfume. This will make the scent last longer.

3. You need a swipe or two, or more, of deo

Most people need a swipe or spray deodorant on their underarms and perhaps a little more on the rest of their bodies, to keep them smelling fresh all day. Do this immediately after your morning shower and top up throughout the day. 

Tip: Apply a fresh and light deodorant (or rub a slice of lemon  your armpits and feet) right after showers for the active ingredients to penetrate your skin. Use anti-perspirants half an hour before leaving the house, on dry skin, if you're someone who sweats quite a lot.

4. Watch what you eat

You are what you eat. If you eat spiced foods, garlic or onions, your body will emit similar smells. These, and certain types of drinks or meat, breathe out through your skin's pores. Your body odour changes but you won't notice as your nose is acclimated to your own scent. However, your friends or people around you will definitely notice, and this can last for anywhere between 24 and 48 hours.

Tip: Stick to eating fresh fruits. Always include veggies, fish and clean protein in your diet. 

5. Bad breath is a deal breaker

It doesn't matter if you bathed in perfume, if your breath burns like a dragons, you will put people off instantly. Since it is usually harmless, nobody may tell you. There are many causes like dry mouth, certain types of food, dental cavities, smoking or even crash dieting. 

For a visual check, a white and scaly tongue is bad news. It should be pink and shiny. Use market recommended mouthwashes and toothpaste, and floss carefully. If you don't use a tongue cleaner, brush your tongue out every time you brush, as over 80 per cent of odour causing bacteria are on the tongue.

Tip: Floss regularly and use tongue scrapers. Keep a tooth brush at work for cases where your lunch included any smell-emitting foods.

6. Don’t wear your clothes for two or more days in a row

Re-wearing clothes without airing or washing can lead to unpleasant odour. Change and wash your clothes especially socks and underwear, with laundry detergent after each use. If you plan on wearing something again before washing it, make sure you air it out and don't fold it or keep it your closet.

When the wash cycle is done, hang damp clothing immediately, as bacteria and fungi can thrive and cause bad smells.

Tip: Use fabric conditioners to care for your clothes and keep them smelling floral.

7. Get rid of stinky feet.

Your feet have sweat glands too. Both moisture and warmth can lead to the bacteria that causes stinky feet. Change your socks daily, allow your feet to breathe and wear a fresh pair the next day. Clean and scrub your hardworking feet. Give your favourite shoes or sneakers a rest. Use an alternative pair or just buy something that breathes to wear from time to time. After your shower, make sure you always dry between your toes. 

Tip: You sweat more when you’re stressed. Have another pair of socks in the office if you feel you’re under pressure. Keep your shoes outside, in your balcony and in shade, to air out bad smells.

8. Use shampoo that smells amazing

Your crown is your glory. Experts tell us that over washing is very harsh for your crowning glory, but when it gets greasy, shampoo away to avoid hair horror and odour as oily hair picks up environmental smells. You don't have to shampoo your hair every day, but if you feel it getting limp and the roots greasy, it’s time for a wash.

Tip: Spray perfume on your brush or comb and not directly on your hair.