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Review: Ahasees Spa at Grand Hyatt Dubai

The March special — a Balinese Boreh Wrap — will leave you exfoliated and ultra relaxed

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I love a spa experience that makes me feel cocooned and safe from the outside world and that’s exactly how I felt while getting a treatment at the Ahasees Spa at the Grand Hyatt Dubai. The spa itself is cavelike, with dim lighting, comfortably cold conditions and a quietness that is very relaxing.

The treatment: As part of the its March offers, the spa has introduced a special Balinese Boreh Wrap. It begins with a gentle massage using a sand-based scrub infused with warm spices such as cinnamon and clove. Even though it feels a bit funny to be covered in a thick paste the massage is very calming. The scrub is quite gritty and when rubbed onto some parts of the body can be a little uncomfortable. All for a good cause though — exfoliated skin.

The wrap comes next; I am covered by a thick blanket and given a head massage while the thickly layered scrub works its magic (hopefully). It slowly gets warmer and warmer, but before I get uncomfortable I am unwrapped and given a few minutes to shower. When I’m de-sanded and squeaky clean, I get back on the table for the last step; the moisturising. A light balm is spread over my body and it magically melts into my skin instantly leaving no sticky residue. My skin is left feeling soft and smooth and the balm has left a subtle sweet smell. I’m in heaven at this point.

After it’s all over, I get wrapped up, this time in a fluffy bath robe, and take some time to cool down in the relaxation area with some refreshing green tea.

What we liked: Apart from the amazing treatment, the facilities are top notch. I spent a good 30 minutes before the treatment using the hot tub and steam room. There’s even a bowl of ice chips to spread over your body if you get a little too carried away in the sauna. The spa is also one of the most luxurious I have been to.

What we didn’t like: Nothing at all.

Good for: A rejuvenating experience.

The details

Where: Ahasees Spa at the Grand Hyatt Dubai

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost for treatment: Dh450

Call: 04-3172333