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Ten things my work PC should do

Amina Hyatt Lak, fashion publicist, The Idea Agency, shares her list of 10 things her work PC should do

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A PC that brings you coffee and doughnuts every morning? Now that would be worth logging on for.

1. At 9am download coffee for me from my favourite café. I wouldn’t mind doughnuts from Krispy Kreme either.

2. When I am playing Farmville in the office, send out a note to my co-workers that I am working on a multimillion-gazillion-dollar project and should not be disturbed for at least two hours.

3. When I yawn at 10am, it should immediately start a slide show of George Clooney, Fernando Torres and Enrique Iglesias. It should also send me regular alerts when they break up with their so-not-better halves and instantaneously make dinner reservations with them.

4. When I get tired of wearing heels all day and my feet are in pain, the system
should immediately shut down and convert into a foot massager and teleport me to a beach in Hawaii.

5. Download all the collections from New York Fashion Week and hang them in my cupboard in alphabetical order, ranging from Alexander McQueen to Zac Posen.

6. Every hour it should check if I need something to eat or drink and whether it
should download the latest dish from Gordon Ramsay or grab me a fruit punch from a seven-star hotel.

7. Book a bouquet of flowers for my boss’s birthday that should be sent under my name, but charged to my boss’s credit card. Obviously it’s her birthday, she should be spending and celebrating!

8. Download the latest movies and popcorn, then convert itself to a cinema screen.

9. Creating the illusion of an Excel sheet that my colleagues and boss would see me working
on while I was actually playing Diner Dash level 342.

10. From time to time send emails to my boss from my clients’ email addresses
stating what an asset I am and what an improvement they have seen in the last quarter in their reports.

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