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Ten reasons why you should love your enemies

Chanuri Kumarawadu, a Grade 8 student at St Mary's Catholic High School in Dubai, gives us her list

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Share your dislikefor your enemy with goodfriends.

1. Anger management: The best person to express your anger to is your enemy. They're like therapists who you don't want, but need. 

2. Competition: Enemies make great rivals as they bring out the competitor in you. Also, it's nice to watch them get mad at your victory! 

3. Negative comments: All you get is criticism from your enemy. This may seem horrible, but at least they make you work harder. 

4. Good gossip: Share your dislike for your enemy with good friends. Sharing your burden will bring your friends closer. 

5. Potential friends: Go ahead and interact with your enemy. They're like an unknown territory that you need to explore once in a while.

6. Play dirty: What's better than playing a prank on your enemy? Since you're not offending anyone you love, it's justified!

7. Find greater meaning in life: Enemies help you realise that it's about time to focus on the positives in life. 

8. Stay guilt free: Let the green monster of jealousy loose on your enemy without feeling bad about it. So show off! Make them jealous. 

9. Value love: Constant interaction with your enemies teaches you to not take your loved ones for granted. Doesn't it? 

10. Complete the picture: Want to know the other side of a story? Talk to your enemy.