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Ten reasons why new graduates make good company

Nandakumar Ganesh, a recent graduate who works for a technology firm share his list

Image Credit:Arshad Ali/Gulf News
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1. Need to find a wallet-friendly café? Maybe  a chill-out spot or a party place? Just ask us,  we know it all.

2. There’s definitely inexperience, but we \offer a fresh viewpoint in any discussion  and often come up with solutions, thanks to being in sync with the current info-explosion.

3. Looking for a gym partner? How about a wingman for your adventures? A shoulder to cry on? Because we’ve got all the time in the world, we’re right here for you!

4. We see and hear of umpteen graduates becoming entrepreneurs and making it big, so it wouldn’t hurt to keep a few on speed dial, would it?

5. We’re Social Networking Aficionados. Well, everybody is these days, but we graduates have grown up alongside facebook, twitter and google plus, so we know!

6. Between graduating and finding a job, we’ve got plenty of time for hanging out, so can keep you company if you’re feeling lonely.

7. If you want inside info on the international job scene and tips on how to score a promotion, ask a fresher.

8. Because we’ve, “Been there, done that”, we make great best friends and advisors.

9. Whether it’s with an unknown social circle, a new workplace or even just a new home, the open-mindedness of Gen-Y is tailored to adapt.

10. In a tech world that’s moving faster than a racecar, we can help you keep up.