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Ten reasons why it's time to start exercising

UAE resident reveals top ten reasons why exercise is good for your body and soul

Laurence Arca Bathe
Image Credit: Supplied
Laurence Arca Bathe, Director, Urban Energy Fitness

1. You can't look the guy in the eye when you order the ‘pay five, get six‘ doughnut offer from him.

2.  Your little one thinks the sack race for parents at his school's sports day will be too much for you.

3. Window shopping in the malls used to be fun. Now it feels like exercise.

4. Wii Fit and Xbox Kinect leave you in a sweaty heap on the playroom floor.

5. Your five-year-old recently asked you, "Mommy, is there a baby in your tummy?"

6. You are fed up with being branded as ‘apple shaped' - what's that all about anyway?

7. You had promised yourself that you would run a half marathon before you hit that age milestone and now you've realised that time is running out.

8. You are tired of being asked politely, "Can I offer you a healthier substitute to that chocolate cake?"

9. People have begun to look at you with surprise whenever you tell them that you used to represent your school in cross country running.

10. You just came across a stunning dress in the size that used to fit you once upon a time. And you are too embarrassed to even take it to the fitting room.