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Common man: Mooch ado about nothing

Making his debut in XPRESS this week, Mooch will represent the dreams, aspirations, troubles and, sometimes, even the foibles of the average Dubaiite

Image Credit: Xpress/Danesh Mohiuddin
Mooch will be the voice of thecommon man.

Dubai: Meet Mooch, a slightly frazzled family man, with square-rimmed glasses, a receding hairline and a moustache so thick and dense you could lose a camel in it. An exaggerated bow-tie is his only fashion accessory – unless you want to count the tennis shoes that grace his feet.

No one seems to know exactly how long Mooch has been living in Dubai, though some claim he’s been here since the time the Palm was a just a tree and Atlantis was still a myth.

So, what’s special about this guy? Nothing, really. Mooch is just your Average Joe, except that he has this uncanny habit of landing himself in awkward situations that most of you would identify with — and most certainly laugh at. Mooch will be the voice of the common man.

Love him or hate him, you just won’t be able ignore Mooch. In the weeks to come, this endearing character will draw your attention to a host of issues related to your city.
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