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This DSF, I wish for...

Dubai residents share plans on what to splurge on this DSF

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Kyoung Won Yoon, Korean, defense professional

This DSF I plan to buy a lot of gifts. It is the month of my wedding anniversary, and my wife and son’s birthdays also happen to fall during the period so some special presents top my shopping list. If the discounts are really good, I may get myself a little present as well.

Rahim Pirani, British, marketing consultant and group fitness instructor 

This time I hope to get some great deals on smart casual attire as being in the marketing industry and client facing, appearance is key. However, I also want to purchase some sportswear since I go through a lot of clothing, particularly trainers, very quickly while teaching. I’m looking for two completely different styles to suit the two aspects of my life and I can’t wait to see what deals are out there this DSF.

Sultan Mollov, Canadian, climate and energy professional

DSF brings a festive feel to Dubai with plenty of deals and promotions and lots of street fun and entertainment options. I not only look forward to getting my hands on the hottest and latest fashion trends, but also cracking some unusually popular offerings that Dubai is known to provide. 

However, my most precious moments are my parents’ favourite – outdoor markets and wonderful weather. 

Savita Menon, Malaysian, architecture/ construction professional 

DSF is not just about shopping, it’s also a time when all the well-known music bands visit Dubai. Moreover, the weather is also at its best.

I am planning to buy some new decorative furniture for my house this DSF, but I’m definitely not going to miss out on shopping for clothes and shoes, as that is always a woman’s first preference.  

Dalal Akram, Syrian, retired teacher

I love the live entertainment in the malls and on the streets during DSF. It is a time when I feel as excited as a child. We do not need much so we don’t really shop a lot, but this DSF I am going to buy myself a microwave and a fridge, and some treats for my grandchildren as well. 

Rawan Khairallah, Jordanian, advertising professional 

What I love most about DSF is how it brings people from all over the world together for a month-long party. This is also a great opportunity to get a new wardrobe for the new year. In most countries a sale is usually held to get rid of old stock. But the latest styles go on sale during DSF. What more could a girl want?

Mohammad Farouk, Syrian, event security management

I simply love DSF because it turns Dubai turns into a month long carnival. Even with my busy schedule I make sure to take time some time off to go to the malls and see what deals are on. I do not know what I will buy this DSF but I do know that I will take full advantage of the promotions and discounts. I think I need a new phone and a new suit, but I will first check the offers before deciding on what to buy.

Ibrahim Abdullah, Indian, building security management

This DSF I am going to shop for my family back home in Kerala. With so many offers on sale this DSF, I'm planning to buy something for everyone back home. I'll buy them now and keep them, or take them later during the year.

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