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Eid is a time of joy, gratitude, and celebration for Muslims around the world. As families and communities come together to mark this auspicious occasion, the choice of fragrance becomes an essential part of the preparations.

When choosing a fragrance for Eid, perfumers in the UAE recommend considering scents that reflect your personality, embody the spirit of Eid festivities, and align with cultural values and sensitivities. Fragrances with oriental, floral, or woody notes, as well as those with remarkable silage and projection, are ideal choices for this auspicious occasion.

Abdulla Ajmal, CEO of Ajmal Perfumes, emphasises the importance of selecting a fragrance that reflects your personality and embodies the spirit of Eid festivities. Fragrances with notes like oud, rose, amber and sandalwood can encapsulate Eid’s luxuriousness and spiritual essence while symbolising gratitude for our blessings.

“Look for fragrances that evoke feelings of warmth, kindness, and appreciation for the abundance in our lives,” he advises.

Mohammed Mahtabur Rahman, CEO of Al Haramain Perfumes, suggests approaching the selection of Eid fragrances with care, considering the occasion’s cultural and festive significance. Rahman also emphasises the importance of considering the climate and planned activities to ensure your fragrance complements the occasion seamlessly. “Choose scents that reflect modesty and respect,” he says.

Imran Fazlani, Founder & Managing Director of Afnan Perfumes, highlights the joy and spiritual purity of Eid festivities. “Your fragrance should encapsulate the joy and spiritual purity of the occasion,” he advises.

Factors to consider include the time of day the celebrations will take place, with morning events favouring lighter, fresher scents, and evening gatherings calling for richer, deeper notes.

Eid is a time of jubilation, togetherness, and spiritual renewal for millions worldwide and one must consider fragrances that quiver with the cultural values and traditions of the occasion.

“Eid festivities often extend throughout the day and into the night, so it’s essential to choose a fragrance that leaves an indelible imprint throughout the clock with its remarkable silage, projection and longevity,” says Ismail Palakkattu, Founder and CEO of Samawa Perfumes.

Muhammad Ali Saeed Shaikh, CEO of Shaikh Mohd. Saeed Group Of Companies, advises taking note of cultural values, longevity for day-long festivities, and personal taste when choosing a fragrance for Eid. “Opt for perfumes with oriental, floral, or woody notes, avoiding overly strong or provocative fragrances,” he recommends.

Ali Asgar Fakkhruddin, Chairman of Sterling Perfumes & Cosmetics, endorses selecting scents that blend tradition with celebration, such as those with oriental or floral notes. “Ensure the fragrance aligns with modesty and respects cultural sensitivities,” he advises, reflecting the joyous spirit of the occasion.

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Align with your style

Choosing a fragrance for Eid is about striking a delicate balance between self-expression and honouring traditions. A scent that’s too bold or experimental will overshadow the familial atmosphere.

We need to opt for inviting and comforting scents that evoke warmth and familiarity, adding to the joyous feel of the occasion. “The key is finding a fragrance that resonates with your style and preferences while complementing the celebratory atmosphere. “For those seeking adventure, fragrances with woody and marine notes can evoke a sense of wanderlust,” says Ajmal.

“If luxury and refinement are more your style, fragrances with notes of amber, oudh, and delicate white florals are ideal. To further enhance your fragrance experience, consider layering with concentrated perfume oils such as our signature Silk Musk. “

Mohammed Mahtabur Rahman, CEO of Al Haramain Perfumes, promotes gaining clarity on fragrance inclinations by exploring various scents and considering the cultural implications. “Applying fragrances on the skin and allowing them to meld with the individual body offers invaluable insights,” he says.

To find a fragrance that aligns with one’s personal style while being appropriate, one should start by understanding their own scent preferences, for instance, woody, floral, citrus, or spicy notes. Fragrances should offer flexibility that can be intensified or softened depending on the event.

“A fragrance should be an extension of your persona, enhancing your presence without overpowering it,” says Fazlani. “A well-chosen fragrance for Eid can become a cherished memory, evoking the spirit of the celebration for years to come.”

Palakkattu suggests trusting your instincts when choosing a fragrance. “If a scent instantly captivates you and evokes positive emotions, it may be the perfect match for your personal style,” he says. “Look for fragrances that balance well with your natural body chemistry and complement your signature style.”

Shaikh supports testing the scent on your skin to assess how it evolves. Consider the perfume’s notes, longevity and projection. “Choose a fragrance that makes you feel confident and festive, reflecting both your personal taste and the cultural significance of Eid,” he says.

Fakkhruddin encourages understanding your preferences, testing fragrances, and seeking a balance between individuality and appropriateness. He also emphasises respecting cultural sensitivities, considering the season, and seeking feedback from trusted sources.