It's healthy, it's coconut recipes... all things summer

It's healthy, it's coconut recipes... all things summer

Sweet, savoury and curries from around the world that use coconut

A list of recipes which use coconut
A list of recipes that use coconut Image Credit: Shutterstock

It is hard on the outside, sweet and fleshy inside, filled with potable water, and extracted for milk, commonly recommended by nutritionists, doctors, and traditional medicine practitioners around the world - we are talking about coconuts. This subtropical fruit has paved its way into groceries and pantries across the globe. Genetic testing by the National Geographic Society in 2011 traces the origins of this fruit to India and Southeast Asia.

Interestingly, with its ability to float on water, this fruit traveled to different parts of the world, sometimes on its own and many a times with sea travelers. Even literature and folklores have mentioned this fruit. A popular essay - Topographia Christina by Cosmas Indicopleustes, a Greek merchant and sea traveler in the fiftth century refers to coconut as 'the great nut of India'.

In Arabic, this fruit is called zhawzhat al-hind, which translated to 'walnut of India'. 

We bring to you a list of coconut-based recipes from across the globe - sweet, savouries or curries, we have you covered.

1. Sweet coconut puff: A popular tea-time snack, this sweet treat uses coconut as the filling, rice flour to cover, and sealed to perfection. It is then deep-fried and served warm or cold. Try this quick and easy dessert recipe here.

Sweet Coconut Puffs
Sweet Coconut Puffs Image Credit: Shutterstock

2. Thai masamman beef curry: As per Thai food expert David Thompson, Thai masamman beef curry originated in  17th century in central Thailand. It was first made in the court of historical city Ayutthaya. It is believed that masamman is a southern Thai dish influenced by Indian and Malay cuisine. Here is the recipe to try it at home.

Thai masaman beef curry with potatoes and peanuts
Image Credit: Gulf News archives

3. Thai chicken green curry: This dish is a blend of aromatic herbs and chicken simmered in coconut milk. A versatile curry that makes use of  thai sweet basil and kafir or lime leaves for a refreshing flavour. It is typically served with hot steamed rice to balance the complex flavours of the curry. Make this at home, with this recipe from Chef Wichit Panyo. 

Thai Chicken Green Curry
Thai Chicken Green Curry Image Credit: GN/Anas Thacharpadikkal

4. Narkol’er bora or coconut fritters: A savoury dish from Bengal that uses nigella seeds for a sharp and peppery aroma. These fritters can be had as a tea-time snack, sandwiched in between freshly baked pav or bread, or simply as a side to the main course meal. Try this crunchy recipe here. 

Narkol’er bora or coconut fritters
A Bengali savoury - Narkol’er bora or coconut fritters Image Credit: Bong Eats/Supplied

5. Kerala recipe for Rasakalan: This is a popular recipe from the Indian state of Kerala that is prepared during the harvest festival of Onam. A recipe from popular UAE-based food blogger - Veena Jaan, this dish is a mix of vegetables, spices and coconut. Tastes best when served hot with steamed rice or what is natively known as Kerala 'matta' rice. Here is a recipe to making it the authentic Kerala way.

Rasakalan Image Credit: Supplied

6. Patishapta or light crepes with a coconut and jaggery filling: This recipe by a popular Indian food blogger - Bong Eats is a Bengali delicacy. These sweetmeats are traditionally prepared for the winter harvest festival - Sankranti, celebrated in the month of january. With a few pantry staples, whip up this dessert at home with this recipe.

Eat fresh or store it outside Image Credit: Supplied/Bong Eats

7. Spice-crusted sea bass: This recipe has tandoori crushed potatoes for a smoky flavour, velvety coconut moilee or sauce, coriander, butter, and crispy okras. A burst of flavour and texture, this recipe by celebrity Indian Chef Vineet Bhatia gives a step-by-step guide to preparing each layer. Try out this recipe at home.

Spice-crusted sea bass
Image Credit: Supplied

8. A South Asian crab curry recipe: Laced with creamy coconut milk and spices, this is a fragrant pandan or screw pine leaf-infused curry. It also tells you how to make thin and thick coconut milk. Tamarind water, spices, and fresh crabs make this a delicious and refreshing curry dish to be had with rice. Here is the recipe.

Crab Curry
Image Credit: thezworld/

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