Prep 15 m
Cook 20m


    1 cup (140gm) chicken breast sliced

    2 tbsp green curry paste

    2 tbsp Thai sweet basil

    1 tbsp lime leaves

    1 cup (82gm) aubergines, cubed

    2 cups coconut milk

    1 tbsp fish sauce

    2 tbsp white sugar

    1 tbsp red chilli, chopped


    For garnish

    Thai sweet basil leaves and coconut cream

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Ingredient Substitution Guide


Thai Chicken Green Curry in 20 minutes with Chef Wichit Panyo GN/Anas Thacharpadikkal

1. Heat coconut milk until boil and green curry paste and simmer

2. Add sliced chicken and eggplant into the curry and let it cook for around 6 minutes.

3. Season with sugar and fish sauce. Adding sugar both offsets and enhances the spice.

4. Then add red chili, sweet basil, lime leaves and removed from heat and garnish with Thai sweet basils and coconut cream.

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