The poster for South Korean movie ‘Seoul Vibe’
The poster for South Korean movie ‘Seoul Vibe’ Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s upcoming South Korean movie ‘Seoul Vibe’ has all the makings of an exciting watch: retro music, a handsome male lead, exciting car chases and an intriguing storyline. Here’s what to know about the film set to release on August 26.

What’s it about?

‘Seoul Vibe’ is set in the summer of 1988 and features a stylish and cool crew of drivers and mechanics called ‘Sanggye-dong Supreme Team’ who team up to bust a crime ring as the South Korean capital gets ready to host the Olympics.

Audiences can expect some heart-stopping driving sequences, unique visuals and a groovy soundtrack.

Who is in it?

Yoo Ah-in stars as Dong-wook, the supreme driver with perfect drifting skills; Koh Kyung-Pyo is John Woo, the club DJ; Lee Kyoo-hyung is Bok-nam, the human navigator; Park Ju-hyun is Yoon-hee, the talented motorcyclist; and Ong Seong-wu is Joon-gi, the mechanic. This motley crew come together to uncover the truth behind a money laundering ring in the city.

Eagle-eyed fans might remember Yoo from the popular series ‘Hellbound’, in which he starred as cult leader Jeong Jin-soo.

What the director has to say...

Director Moon Hyun-sung previously helmed ‘As One’ (2012) and ‘The King’s Case Note’ (2017). Talking about his new movie, he told Netflix: “When choosing the exterior look of the vehicles, we wanted to aim for hip-hop and retro feel. I like to call this a ‘hip-tro’ vibe.”