Joo Won as Carter. Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix is taking its Korean content to the next level, and it shows with the release of the teaser trailer for the streamer’s upcoming movie ‘Carter’.

The action flick, releasing on August 5, stars Joo Won in the lead and promises thrills, gun fights and plenty of breathtaking stunts.

In the trailer, Joo’s character Carter wakes up without any memories. He is then told by a mysterious voice in his ear that a lethal bomb is installed in his mouth and will detonate if he disobeys its command to embark on a special mission. To top it off, this is all happening two months into a deadly pandemic that has broken out from the Korean Demilitarised Zone. Thus begins the deadly chase.

A new poster of the movie sees cross Joo’s character with a cross engraved on the back of his head along with the tagline “No Memory, One Mission”.

According to a statement, ‘Carter’ is the first major Korean movie from Netflix in the second half of 2022.

‘Carter’ is directed by Jung Byung-gil, who is renowned for his cutting-edge action cinematography. He trained at the Seoul Action School and has helmed movies such as ‘Confession of Murder’ and ‘The Villainess’. Jung will make his Hollywood debut directing debut with ‘Afterburn’, starring Gerard Butler.

Meanwhile, lead star Joo Won is a veteran of the K-drama and movie scene, having acted in ‘Bridal Mask’, ‘Good Doctor’, ‘My Sassy Girl’ and more.