A stray dog walks along the models
A stray dog walks along the models showcasing the spring-summer collection ‘Gul-Dastah’ by designer Rohit Bal during Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2019 at Bandstand Fort, in Mumbai. Image Credit: PTI

What you need to know:

  • A dog interrupts fashion show in India.
  • Social media users found the pup adorable and wanted it to be adopted.
  • A video was uploaded online and had more than 240 thousand views.

Dubai: Indian designer Rohit Bal’s recent Mumbai fashion show had an unexpected showstopper – a tail-wagging street dog who playfully invaded the ramp, wanting to be a part of the action.

In a video that surfaced online, the pooch makes his way on to the stage from behind a group of models and looks on at the crowed, confused. He then skips along the ramp and follows a male model who scratched him behind the ears.

Bollywood actors Sidharth Malhotra and Diana Penty, the real showstoppers of the night, had to share their limelight with the dog, who had not only stolen the show, but also stolen hearts.

In the video, Malhotra looks on amused as he watched a crew member escort the dog off the stage.

The video was uploaded on Twitter by Sohel Fidai, an entertainment journalist, and received more than 240 thousand views.

The “pupper” garnered many fans online as people found his antics “adorable”. They were hoping someone would adopt him.

@tarsha_nicole tweeted: “Dogs have a way of bringing out the good in people. He made the show even more exciting. So cute.”

@koulakarma said: “Dogs make everything better.”

While @lisa_cares_ posted: “I could watch this forever. Random dogs should show up at all fashion shows.”

Some tweeps even praised the model who patted the pup on the head.

Tweep @Jujuliette posted: “Thanks for patting the dog. He was so happy to be there. I hope someone adopted him.”

@trai_all posted: “I hope one of the beautiful models adopted the pretty dog, so cute and friendly!”

And @LoneWolf907 posted: “Dog: I was told this was a catwalk. I don’t see or smell any cats here!”

In the past there have been videos of other animals interrupting fashion shows around the world.