Sandra Oh in 'Grey's Anatomy'
Sandra Oh in 'Grey's Anatomy' Image Credit: ABC

Sandra Oh, who played Cristina Yang in the TV series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ from 2005 to 2014, described her role as “traumatic” as it earned her a whole new level of stardom.

In a sneak peek from Oh’s interview on ‘Sunday Today with Willie Geist’, she spoke about her time on the hit medical drama.

“To be perfectly honest, it was traumatic. It was traumatic,” Oh said.

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Sandra Oh in 'Grey's Anatomy' Image Credit: ABC

“And the reason why I’m saying that is the circumstances you need to do your work is with a lot of privacy. So when one loses one’s anonymity, you have to build skills to still try and be real,” the actress added. “I went from not being able to go out, like, hiding in restaurants, to then being able to manage attention, manage expectation, while not losing the sense of self.”

Oh believes her focus on mental health and visits to a therapist helped her cope with the pressures of stardom.

“Well, I have a good therapist. I’m not joking. It’s very, very important,” Oh said, who currently stars on the Netflix show, ‘The Chair’.

Oh also said how she learned to set boundaries in her career.

She “You just have to work at finding your way to stay grounded. And a lot of times that’s by saying no,” she stated.

The actress previously recalled how her parents, who emigrated to Canada from South Korea during the 1960s, didn’t approve of her acting career as they saw it as a “low” profession.