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English actor Rege-Jean Page attends Netflix’s "The Gray Man" World Premiere at the Chinese theatre in Hollywood, California, July 13, 2022. Image Credit: AFP

Rege-Jean Page, the breakout star of ‘Bridgerton’, has put the Netflix series in the rearview mirror, to the point where he would have no qualms if the production recast his role in the future.

“They’re free to do as they like,” Page told Variety at the premiere of his new espionage action film ‘The Gray Man.’

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Rege-Jean Page with Phoebe Dynevor in 'Bridgerton' Image Credit: Netflix

“Shonda [Rhimes, executive producer on ‘Bridgerton,’] and I had a wonderful conversation at the end of Season 1. We were quite happy with how we stuck the landing on that one,” the actor said.

Page went on to express gratitude for his role as Simon Basset, the initially cold suitor who marries Daphne Basset (Phoebe Dynevor) at the end of the first season.

“We did so well on that redemptive arc that people forget that Simon was kind of horrific. He was the best example of a Regency [expletive] boy that any of us had come across,” Page continued. “And so, because we came around full circle so well, because we stuck that landing, you’re left with this great feeling. You really do have to be brave about ending stories like that.”

Page also disclosed that he hasn’t tuned into the second season of ‘Bridgerton,’ which debuted on Netflix in March.

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‘Bridgerton’ has previously experimented with recasting roles. Hannah Dodd will replace Ruby Stokes as Francesca Bridgerton in the show’s upcoming third season. The series has not taken that approach with Page’s character, which explains his absence in the first few minutes of ‘Bridgerton’s’ second season.

Page also discussed the thrill of playing a bad guy in ‘The Gray Man’, a new Netflix thriller starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans as opposing super spies. Denny Carmichael, a CIA chief hellbent on apprehending Gosling’s dejected spy, is played by Page.

Rege-Jean Page
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“I try to take all the things I like about myself — everything that you got from those self-esteem classes as a kid — put it in a box, tie up a bow and just hide it,” Page said. “It’s a delight. Hopefully you plug into the relish that the audience will have going there with you.”

‘The Gray Man’ has begun a limited theatrical run in the UAE, followed by a Netflix debut on July 22.