Junaid Khan and Iqra Aziz in KASAK
Junaid Khan and Iqra Aziz in 'Kasak'. Image Credit: Supplied

Riding high on the success of his drama serial, the Hira Mani-led ‘Kashf’, actor and Call band’s lead vocalist Junaid Khan can now be seen with Iqra Aziz in ‘Kasak’, which airs on ARY Digital.

Aziz is also on a career high, courtesy of her show, ‘Jhooti’, which minted good ratings.

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‘Kasak’ will be Khan and Aziz’s second outing together — after the lesser known ‘Natak’ (2016). The show is scripted by Muhammad Maqsood and directed by Kashif Saleem and Atif Rathore. It is said to be a “unique love story” involving Khan as a single parent who (apparently) tricked Aziz into marrying her without letting her know of his child and past marriage.

Sporting hazel-brown contact lenses and long curls, Aziz is carrying a brand-new look — it’s diametrically opposed to her getup in last year’s mega successful ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’.

Khan, on the other hand, has played the serious, no-nonsense type before; except that this time it may be for a totally different reason. All that is for the audiences to find out as the play progresses.