Megan Hunt in 'Grey's Anatomy' Image Credit: ABC

Days after Kate Walsh announced she was returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to reprise her role as Addison Forbes Montgomery, it’s now revealed that another alum from the long-running medical drama is set to return.

Abigail Spencer, who played Megan Hunt, kid sister to Kevin McKidd’s Owen Hunt, will be reprising her role as a trauma surgeon and war veteran who — last we saw — had started a new life for herself with her partner Nathan Riggs and a Syrian refugee boy she adopted.

Megan had served in the war with her brother Owen, along with Teddy (Kim Raver) and Nathan (Martin Henderson) before being kidnapped by rebels and going missing for years until she was found and rescued.

Kate Walsh on Private Practice Image Credit: ABC

Spencer is the latest in a list of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ alums who are returning for season 18 of television’s longest running medical series. Earlier this month, Walsh took to her Instagram to reveal she was returning to ‘Grey’s’ to reprise her role as Dr Addison Forbes Montgomery, who was Derek Shepherd’s ex-wife and had left the series years earlier to star in a spin-off titled ‘Private Practice’.

The Shonda Rhimes production had earlier announced that lead star Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) will also welcome back Kate Burton, who played her mother Dr Ellis Grey on the show. Her character had been killed off years earlier following her struggle with Alzheimer’s.

Peter Gallagher has also been locked in to play a recurring role in season 18 as Alan Hamilton, a doctor who knew Ellis and who meets Meredith. The new season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returns September 30 in the US.