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Cast Oviya, Ilavarasu, Saranya and ‘Ganja' Karuppu
Director A Surkunam
Rating G

Often the most unsung film turns out to be the least disappointing. Coming in the wake of a much-hyped box-office disaster like Raavanan, debutant director Surkunam's Kalavani is welcome.

This, despite the fact that the story of two neighbouring villages involved in a feud is a subject beaten to a pulp on the Tamilbig screen.

Surkunam's plot offers nothing dramatically different. But the screenplay is smooth, the performances are natural and most characters are well-etched. The dialogues aren't exactly laboured and the humour isn't as silly as it's been in most Tamil movies. Narrating an innocent romance between Arikki (Vimal of Pasanga fame) and Oviya portraying high-school student Maheshwari, the film embellishes the story with various facets of the enmity between the two communities.

This rift doesn't stop Cupid from striking Arikki, a habitual flirt who eventually falls for Maheshwari from the enemy zone. There are no false notes here, and Maheshwari's initial misgivings about Arikki transform into romantic love when she sees his other side, laced as it is with warmth and care.

Vimal as the rustic Romeo performs with disarming naturalness. His develops deep affection for the schoolgirl. Meeting on a long winding road that divides the two communities, Vimal and Oviya portray a virtue hardly seen in Indian cinema. Rarely are there people whoseem so real.