Park Bo-gum shows off piano skills in viral video
Park Bo-gum shows off piano skills in viral video Image Credit: Youtube/TAEYANG

South Korean actor Park Bo-gum and singer Taeyang of the K-pop band Bigbang teamed up for a surprise collaboration for their fans, this week.

K-culture fans loved the video shared by Taeyang on his official YouTube channel on May 3, calling the performance “amazing”.

In the video, Park Bo-gum is seen playing the piano with his eyes closed, fully immersed in the music, while Taeyang sings. The duo seem to be on a rooftop or terrace, and the background shows the romantic backdrop of Seoul’s night lights.

Viewers took to the comments section to say that the video was beautiful and singer’s voice sounded powerful.

Bo-gum opens the performance with a gentle piano solo, before the video moves on to a soulful performance by Taeyang.

The special live music video was filmed to promote the title track ‘Seed’ from Taeyang's new EP (extended play) album, released on Monday.

The collaboration was a surprise to many as Park Bo-gum usually does not promote music. The last time fans heard him sing was during his pre-enlistment fan meeting.

Recently, Park Bo-gum joined TheBlackLabel, a South Korean record label and an associate company of YG Entertainment as an actor. The entertainment company also manages Bigbang singers.

Many felt that Bo-gum on the piano turned the song into church music.

“It's like a Korean church,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Same as chapel time …,” wrote another.

Taeyang's latest EP, Down to Earth, has received a warm welcome from listeners worldwide.