Thimiru Pudichavan
Image Credit: Supplied

The trailer says it all. Music director-turned-actor Vijay Antony plays a policeman in Thimiru Pudichavan. He is not just another cop, but a thimiru pudichavan (arrogant one).

Unlike most police tales that portray the force in a bad light, director Ganeshaa’s Thimiru Pudichavan is an attempt to inspire viewers by the heroic role of policemen.

“I find today’s young generation looking up to rowdies and criminals and even aspiring to follow in their shoes,” said Ganeshaa.

Thimiru Pudichavan follows the lives of four young men living in a slum.

“This is a mass entertainer with romance, comedy and action, told with references from real situations in the life of a policeman,” Ganeshaa said. “Often in such stories, he has an international don as the antagonist, but in my film, the villain is a local guy. The story is about how this thimiru pudichavan tackles him to emerge as a hero.”

Sai Dheena plays the villain, while Nivetha Pethuraj is paired opposite Antony as a Sub-Inspector of Police. Pethuraj learnt to ride a motorbike for the role and features in action sequences too.

Inspired by Tamil Nadu’s first transgender policewoman, Prithika Yashini, Ganeshaa created a transgender character played by Sindhu, a transgender actress, for his police tale.

“Contrary to what is seen in our cinema where transgenders are ridiculed, Sindhu’s role in Thimiru Pudichavan is a significant one and the turning point in the story,” said Ganeshaa.

The director met Yashini to get her input on her struggles as a transgender woman in the police force.

Thimiru Pudichavan releases in UAE on November 16. The dubbed Telugu version is titled Roshagadu.