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When college student Shruthi (Karthika Muralidharan) gets a ride home to Kozhikode from Ooty with her father’s friend KK (Mammootty), her mother (Muthumani) is very relieved. But her father (Joy Mathews), who knows KK as an easy-going bachelor who has several flings, is uneasy and anxious.

Debutant director Girish Damodar scores with this family drama written by Mathews. Like Shutter, Mathews’ earlier film, Uncle points a finger at the hypocrisy of men, their attitude towards women, and society’s diktats on relationships between them.

It’s a role that Mammootty can sleep walk into. Looking great he delivers a fine performance. Muralidharan as Shruthi impresses.

With his subtle acting, Mathews brings to the fore the agony of Shruthi’s father. But the best lines are delivered by Muthumani who questions society’s so-called morals.


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Uncle releases in the UAE on May 17.