Tovino Thomas in Maari 2. Image Credit: Supplied

Malayalam star Tovino Thomas’s cool look in the trailers of ‘Maari 2’ set the imagination on fire. With braided locks and a bandana over his head, Thomas plays Beeja, whose another name is Thanatos, the deity of death in Greek mythology.

“Beeja is a villain with brains,” said Thomas, who shares some scenes with Dhanush as the antagonist in this story written by director Balaji Mohan.

‘Maari 2,’ is a sequel to ‘Maari’, also directed by Balaji Mohan with Dhanush in the lead. Sai Pallavi is paired opposite Dhanush.

Thomas admired the ease with which Dhanush got into fighting sequences. “He is one of the finest actors of India,” the actor said.

“Balaji is a calm and composed director who knows how to extract work from his actors,” he said.

The supporting cast includes Kreshna, Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, Robo Shankar, Vinod and Ajay Ghosh.

Dhanush fans can look forward to an all out commercial film — a Tamil formula ‘padam’ — as promised by Dhanush during a media interaction. The film releases in the UAE on December 20.