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It was quite doubtful if Telugu Bigg Boss 3 would be aired amid all the controversies surrounding the show. Despite all doubts, the much-awaited reality show, hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna, took off unhindered as scheduled on Sunday.

Nagarjuna, who had gone on recording saying he found the reality show quite voyeuristic, in a pre-show promo justified his decision to host the show saying he is curious to see how totally unrelated people stay in a house for over three months where every move of theirs is watched minutely by cameras placed all over.

Well, not all the contestants are not unrelated. There’s a husband and wife duo, too. But when Nagarjuna asked the actor pair, Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru, if they remained in the show until last, would one of them sacrifice for the sake of their spouse, Vithika said she’d compete to win while Varun said it’s ok if either of them wins.

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Actor Hema

In the previous two editions, Bigg Boss himself announced the participants, here, departing from the tradition, Nagarjuna was given the task of picking the first three house mates from chits with their names. TV anchor Shiva Jyoti (Teenmaar Savitri) was the first one to enter the house and ‘usurped’ the only single bed in the house.

Film actor Ashu Reddy was the only contestant who came as a surprise from outside the list that Tabloid had put out. But what’s intriguing is the fact that weeks before the show began several names were doing the rounds on social media and vernacular TV channels. Aren’t they supposed to be a secret? Doubts are being expressed whether the show organisers (Star Maa) or the Bigg Boss team themselves leaked the names to generate hype before the telecast.

However, the show began with exciting dances by some of the participants. Himaja excelled in her shimmering gold and green dress. TV anchor Srimukhi too looked gorgeous in her red dress. But it was Varun Sandesh and Vithika who stole the hearts of all with their dance numbers from their movies.

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Nagarjuna asked Varun to carry Vithika from the stage into the house and he was more than happy to do so.

Inside the house, the first three inmates — Shiva Jyoti, Ravi Krishna and Ashu Reddy — were given the maiden task of interviewing the rest as and when they entered the house that basically tested how their behaviour would be towards other inmates in different situations.

Perhaps, based on the answers, TV anchors Jaffar and Srimukhi; and actors Varun and Vithika were nominated at the end of the show.

Nagarjuna, who thanked Season 1 host Jr NT Rama Rao and Season 2 host Nani, will be keenly watched to see how successfully he will carry on the show.

Full list of BB3 inmates:

Shiva Jyoti (Teenmaar Savitri)

Ravi Krishna

Ashu Reddy



Rahul Sipliganj


Baba Bhaskar

Punarnavi Bhupalam


Ali Reza

Mahesh Vitta


Varun Sandesh / Vithika Sheru

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