Director Michael Arun. Image Credit:

Very rarely does a director make his beginning with a film on child sexual abuse, at least not in Indian cinema.

Michael Arun starts his directorial career with Nisabdham (Silence), a story about a family’s plight after their daughter’s traumatic experience.

Adit and Athira are a happy couple and their joy knows no bounds with the arrival of their daughter, Bhoomi.

The movie is about what happens to Bhoomi when she goes through sexual abuse and the pangs of guilt her parents undergo. Arun delves into this and more through Nisabdham.

The movie also raises questions about the Indian law with regard to child sexual abuse and how far is it protective, Arun added.

Newcomer Ajay and hearing-impaired actress Abhinaya play the lead. Sathanya plays Bhoomi. The supporting cast includes Kannada actor Kishore, Palani and Ruthu.

S. J. Star debuts as the cinematographer. Music is by Shawn Jazeel.

Nisabdham, produced by Miracle Pictures, releases in India on March 10.