Prithviraj in 'Cold Case'
Prithviraj in 'Cold Case'. Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Following a series of controversial dowry deaths in Kerala, prominent actor Prithviraj has thrown his weight behind battling the social evil.

Shared by his colleague Mohanlal and himself, Prithviraj is seen in a short film urging his fans and women to resist the practice of being treated like commodities while getting married.

The short film begins with a young woman serving tea to her potential suitor and his family. They blatantly ask how much money and gifts they would get if their son married her, but the woman takes charge and walks away from the potential match.

“This is not the old Kerala. Now women have agency and they know clearly what they want out of life. Receiving or giving dowry is a punishable offense. Remember ladies, you are not alone when fighting the social evil. We are here as a community for you,” said Prithviraj at the end of the video.

The number of a women’s helpline is also displayed to spread awareness for those struggling in such situations.

A few days ago, actress Manju Warrier also promoted a short film about domestic abuse.

Manju Warrier Image Credit: Atiq Ur Rehman

In the last few months, Kerala reported the suspicious deaths of three young women, all under the age of 25, who seemed to have suffered from domestic abuse and dowry demands.