Prithviraj Image Credit: Instagram/Prithviraj

Malayalam superstar Prithviraj reprimanded a cheeky impostor on the audio app Clubhouse and warned his fans that it isn’t him. The actor tagged his impostor and gently told him off for pretending to be him and carrying out a lengthy conversation posing as the actor-director-producer.

Prithviraj warns fans of a fake account
Prithviraj warns fans of a fake account Image Credit: Instagram/Prithviraj

“Dear Sooraj. It’s alright. I understand that it was all meant to be a harmless joke. But I hope by now you’ve realised that something like this could have very serious repercussions. At one point, I believe more than 2500 people were listening in to you and that a good majority of them thought it was me speaking. I had repeated calls and messages from many people in and outside the industry, and it was imperative that I put an immediate stop to it,” wrote Prithviraj in a statement on his social media handles.

“I’m glad you admit that it was a mistake. Mimicry is a wonderful art form and I’m sure you know many of Malayalam cinema’s all time greats have found their way into the industry from the world of mimicry. Dream big, work hard and never stop learning. I hope you have an illustrious career ahead and wish you the very best,” added Prithviraj.

He also urged his fans not to come down hard on the young man who was clearly trying to pull a fast one on the actor’s army of fans and followers.

Sooraj used the same profile picture Prithviraj uses on his verified accounts to gain the trust of his unsuspecting fans. Following this, Prithviraj’s irate fans have been heaping abuses at the man for impersonating their idol.

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Prithviraj Image Credit: Twitter/Prithviraj

The actor also reminded the prankster that it’s criminal to take on someone else’s identity and fool people.

“PS: To all my well wishers and others, I do not condone online abuse. So please stop it. And once again... I’m not on Clubhouse,” he added in all capital letters.

Prithviraj is one of South India’s leading stars and has acted in films including ‘Classmates’, ‘Indian Rupee’, and ‘Lucifer’ with Mohanlal which he also directed.

Prithviraj turns director with Mohanlal-starrer 'Lucifer' Image Credit: Supplied