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Sitting among the audience and seeing herself on the big screen was a moment to savour for Maradona actress Sharanya R.

“One part of me was anxious what if the audience does not accept me,” she said.

Chasing a long nurtured dream, Sharanya reached a dead end with nothing working out on the cinema front.

“I was receiving offers to work in television serials and I was not sure about it. I decided that cinema was not meant to be, until I heard about the auditions for Maradona through a friend,” she said.

She was delighted to be on board but could not believe that Tovino Thomas was her co-star.

“Clearly someone was playing a prank on me, I thought,” recalled the fan.

She owes it to her director Vishnu Narayan and scenarist Krishna Moorthy for the compliments coming her way today. “They guided me through my role,” Sharanya said.

Sharanya, who works as a sales manager in the hospitality sector, is also listening to new scripts.