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When Eldo, a worker of the Kerala State Headload Workers Welfare Board, fell asleep inside a carriage of the Kochi Metro, he didn’t expect his simple act to be trolled on social media after a bystander posted a picture of him with a caption that misrepresented him as a drunkard.

Malayalam Manorama, a Kerala newspaper, traced the Angamaly native and reported that he was a speech impaired man who was returning home that day after spending time with his ailing brother in a hospital. Completely exhausted, Eldo had fallen asleep on the metro and was not in an inebriated state.

This news report sparked off ad filmmaker Emcy Joseph into making his first feature film ‘Vikruthi’ (mischief). After its release in Kerala a fortnight ago, ‘Vikruthi’ is winning appreciation for its sensitive story and the brilliant performances of its lead actors.

“We met Eldo and his family,” said Joseph who manages Peraka Media, a Kochi-based creative ad agency. He is speech challenged and so is his wife.

“How it affected the family because of the [social media] post — that’s what I wanted to explore in my film. While this story is well known, my challenge lay in narrating it over a two hours long feature film,” he said.

The screenplay was written by Ajeesh P Thomas. Suraj Venjaramoodu plays Eldo and Surabhi Lakshmi is his on-screen wife. Soubhin Shahir plays Sameer, who works in the Gulf.

The character Sameer has come down to India for his marriage and during a metro ride, he clicks the picture of Eldo and posts it on social media.

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“Viewers have been praising the story for its simple core idea that left a strong impact,” added Joseph who earlier worked in Dubai Media City and returned to India in 2014.

The metro shoot was challenging. With support from Kochi Metro team, the unit had another train running on the regular tracks while filming.

Praising Venjaramoodu, Joseph said that the Indian National Award-winning actor surprised him many times with his acting.

“I feel there is a lot lying untapped in him as an actor. Soubin is fresh and a versatile actor,” he added.

“Today with citizen journalism on the rise, we need to be sensitive about others and not post randomly,” added Joseph.

‘Vikruthi’ produced by A D Sreekumar, Ganesh Menon and Lakshmi Warrier is out now in the UAE.