Fahadh Faasil
Fahadh Faasil Image Credit: instagram.com/fahadhfaassil

Malayalam actor Fahadh Faasil is apologetic about premiering his new ‘ambitious’ film ‘Malik’ on a streaming platform and bypassing the traditional theatrical route, but claims that it was a tough call induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. His clarification comes days after the producers of ‘Malik’ revealed that Faasil’s film will directly premiere on a web streaming platform.

“With a heavy heart, the director, the producer, all the technicians and rest of us cast have opted for an OTT release for our very ambitious project, ‘Malik’. Each and everyone associated with ‘Malik’ has put in over a years time to bring this project together. Unlike my recent OTT releases which were planned for home viewing right from the beginning, Malik was designed for a theatrical experience and it was the only film I had ready when theatres would open to 100%. The decision has been collective and I personally request everyone to see it in the best interest of the film,” wrote Faasil in a note on Facebook.

Fahadh Faasil in Joji
Fahadh Faasil in 'Joji'. Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

His other projects such as ‘Joji’, ‘C U Soon’, and ‘Irul’, which all saw it release exclusively on over-the-top platforms were always designed to be rolled out in that fashion. But the makers and actors of ‘Malik’ were hoping for a theatrical release.

He also wrote about how he hoped that theatres across India would limp back to normalcy so that his films designed as theatrical experiences could be released without hurdles.

“In all honesty I cannot wait for the theatres to regain normalcy but today every individual is fighting to regain normalcy in their respective space. At this point all that I can take responsibility is for an absolute fresh theatrical experience when I see you all in theatres next,” wrote Faasil. He also gave his fans an update about his health. He sustained a major injury while filming ‘Malayankunju’ and has three stitch marks on his nose.

“This may not be an appropriate time to write midst a life threatening pandemic. Let me begin with the hope that all of us are fighting things the best way we can, now and ahead. I was also under going recovery from my accident I had during ‘Malayankunju’. So, in my calendar the lock down started from March 2. My doctors said it was ‘Close’. As a defence mechanism my hands touched the ground before my face, which in 80% of the cases victims fail to do because of the trauma and depth of the fall. I was lucky I didn’t loose my presence of mind, my doctor added. There again, I was lucky with life for the Nth time,” wrote Faasil.

He also claimed that he’s incredibly lucky to have his wife and actress Nazriya Nazim by his side. Faasil and Nazim have always maintained a low profile during their marriage. The two grew close on the sets of their iconic hit ‘Bangalore Days’ and Faasil claims he fell in love with her even more during the filming. Their relationship was sanctioned by both their families.

“7 years of Bangalore days bring back so many good memories. Falling head over heels for Nazriya, beginning of my journey with her. I asked her out over a handwritten letter and slipped a ring along. She didn’t say yes. But she didn’t say NO either!! I shot Bangalore days along with two other films. It’s just suicidal to shoot three films at a time. I used to look forward to return to shoot ‘Bangalore Days’,” wrote Faasil.

At that point in his life, his partner Nazim was the biggest leveller and solace. Nazim, who was a bankable and popular actress before her marriage, opted to distance herself from movies after her marriage. Barring ‘Trance’ and ‘Koodevide’, Nazim has been extremely picky about her film projects after her marriage with Faasil. They have been married for seven years now.

“I loved being around Nazriya. But my thoughts were random. I don’t know if it sounds well now, but at that point, there was a lot Nazriya had to give up choosing me. It absolutely worried me and I kept fluctuating. It’s just when I thought it was all going to be over because I am not strong enough she said, ‘Hello, method actor, who do you think you are? It’s just one simple life. Pack your bags with everyone and everything you need,” wrote Faasil. She has his heart and he has her back, claims Faasil.

“Pretty much all my small achievements are after I started sharing my life with Nazriya. I know for sure I didn’t do any of this alone. I wonder what my life would have been if Nazriya didn’t feel strong about us,” wrote Faasil.

The actor also urged everyone not to give up hope during this pandemic. India and his state Kerala are in the midst of battling a fierce second wave of COVID-19.

“As a child who fancied stories then and as a storyteller now, I was and am excited about how a story ends. All these instances at some point looked like an ending to the story I was living. But then it has not ended yet. I have come out of it with scars and stars. All endings are beautiful beginnings to another story. Sometimes your own or you are a part of someone else’s story. But remember we all have a part to play. This indeed is a difficult time for all of us. This too will soon end for a new beginning,” wrote Faasil.

Faasil is one of Malayalam cinema’s most popular and versatile actors. His macabre turn in ‘Joji’ and ‘Irul’ have strengthened his hold as an actor with colossal clout in South India. He has earned the reputation of taking on any role and making it his own.