Akshay Krishna in ‘Krishnam’. Image Credit: Supplied

Faith can move mountains, in this case a father’s faith in the Hindu deity Krishna rescued his son from the jaws of death.

‘Krishnam’, made in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, is the story of Akshay Krishna who was diagnosed of chronic constrictive pericarditis (a condition where the pericardium of the heart is thickened and prevents proper functioning) in 2016.

Director Baboo said it illustrates the faith of a devotee — PN Balram is an ardent devotee of Guruvayurappan (a well-known Krishna temple in Kerala).

“A miracle happened on the operating table that saved his son, Akshay Krishna’s life. He suffered from multi-organ failure. Today Akshay is well and back in college,” said Baboo.

Balram has produced the film while Krishna plays himself.

The supporting cast includes Sai Kumar and Shanti Krishna, as Krishna’s parents, Renji Panicker and director VK Prakash in key roles.

Hari Prasad R is the music composer. Baboo has handled the camera too.

The Tamil version of ‘Krishnam’ releases in India on March 15.