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Eva Pavithran, Anna Rajan, Jayaram, Shanti Krishna and Nisha Sarang in ‘Lonappante Mammodeesa Image Credit: Supplied

There comes an age when people generally become lackadaisical, the ambition and drive of their younger self is missing and they resign themselves to fate. However, Malayalam director Leo Thaddeus believes that this group of people with their rich share of experiences can actually bring about a change not only in their lives but in that of others. Thaddeus’s fourth film, ‘Lonappante Mammodeesa’ (Lonappan’s Baptism), while exploring this idea traces the life of Lonappan, a 40-something bachelor who carries the burden of responsibility of his three unmarried sisters.

‘Lonappante Mammodeesa’ released in Kerala on February 1 and is being appreciated for its simple story.

Jayaram plays the title role of Lonappan, who manages a watch repair shop. Living in the small town of Kalady with his three sisters, Valyechi (Shanti Krishna), Sicily (Nisha Sarang) and Rosely (Eva Pavithran), Lonappan is not what he was in his younger days. Valyechi is sceptical of life owing to life’s unpleasant experiences; Sicily, a sports teacher, is stubborn and outspoken; while Rosely, the bubbly person among them shares a close bond with her brother.

“Lonappan was a bright student in school,” said Thaddeus, who found fodder for his story from his interactions with people. “Lonappan’s fine storytelling skill earned him the name ‘Tolstoy Lonappan’ in his young days. Following his father’s demise and saddled with family responsibility, Lonappan becomes a changed man and with no ambitions.”

“There are several Lonappans around us, who hold other’s responsible for their failures and don’t desire to change,” added Jayaram. “I remember some friends from school whom I envied for their academic success and believed that they will be achievers, but today find them doing nothing significant.”

But then something happens that turns around Lonappan’s life and driving him to rebuild his life as well discover again his real self.

Anna Rajan of ‘Angamaly Diaries’-fame is paired opposite Jayaram. Rajan plays an officer working in the neighbourhood cooperative bank. The supporting cast includes Dileesh Pothan, Kaniha and Hareesh Kanaran. Music composer Alphons Joseph’s songs include the popular ‘Punya Rasa,’ sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan.

Produced by Shinoy Mathew, ‘Lonappante Mammodeesa’ releases in the UAE on February 28.