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In a lengthy post tinged with nostalgia and poetry on his blog, Malayalam superstar Mohanlal reminded everyone about the larger picture in the wake of the coronavirus. In a hand-written Malayalam post entitled ’We Shall Overcome’, the actor wrote about the importance of surviving in these trying times.

“Once you break away from the shackles that are our tied to our feet, the question before us remains: where should we start, we should we go next and whether I can do it,” said Mohanlal in Malayalam.

He took the example of a Greek writer who in his autobiography spoke about how he lost his family’s vineyard to floods and how the boy’s dad reminded him that the important thing is that they survived nature’s wrath.

“Similarly, we should be able to say that to ourselves once the isolation is over. We need to be patient for our sakes and for our nation’s sake. Freedom is all about being able to say that we survived and that earthly emotions like anxiety, disappointment and pain didn’t get to us,” said Mohanlal.

He also reminded his millions of fans about the importance of being patient in the times of coronavirus.

“After 21 days of quarantine, we were anticipating stepping out and enjoying full freedom… We are waiting with bated breath about things that we wanted to accomplish and those incomplete tasks to be sorted… But the nation has told us that it’s not time yet to enjoy that freedom. We need to be a bit more patient, for our sake and our country’s sake,” said Mohanlal.

Mohanlal, who is stuck in Chennai as his family battles the pandemic in Kerala, also gave life lessons through his personal post, heavily laced with poetic references.

“In the race called life, we ran so fast that we lost out on many visuals and experiences at home. We always thought that there is greater joy to be had outside our homes, but now we have realised that there’s beauty in being home too. We have realised the extent of loneliness and boredom that our elderly parents undergo on a daily basis ever since we are at home looking out of a window into the outside world. Remember that our world is so beautiful and expansive,” said Mohanlal.

Mohanlal, who stirred a controversy earlier when talking about the power of clanking vessels having the power to destroy lethal viruses, is known to be philosophical in life. His posts also reveal his poetic, erudite side.

Mohanlal is not the only one who has been reaching out to his fans in the times of isolation. Politician and actor Kamal Haasan also posted a song along with Bollywood actor Salman Khan.