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For those of you who have not visited Angamaly, the fast-growing satellite town of Kochi, Lijo Jose Pellisery’s new film, Angamaly Diaries will be quite a revelation. But if you are already familiar with this town, the film might stir up old memories.

Scripted by Malayalam actor Chemban Vinod Jose, a native of Angamaly and directed by Pellissery, Angamaly Diaries released in Kerala last week and the response has been stupendous. It’s tag line reads: ‘katta local padam’ [a hard-core local film].

Pellissery whose last film was the wacky fantasy comedy, Double Barrel, said that the town of Angamaly was the main protagonist of the story with everything revolving around it. Running parallel to the main text is the lives of the palliangadi team, (group of young men living in the vicinity of the church).

According to Pellisery, the treatment of the film is different with several candid and long shots.

“Pig farming is a big business here.”

The climax scene that stretches to 11 minutes involved a cast of one thousand people and was done in a single take.

The film that captures the essence of Angamaly boasts of around 100 newcomers playing various roles in this story.

The main cast members are Antony Varghese, Reshma Anna, Sarath Kumnar, Amritha, Binni, Bitto, and Sinoj.

Gireesh Gangadharan is the cinematographer. Prashanth Pillai has composed music.

Angamaly Diaries, produced by actor-producer Vijay Babu under his company Friday Film House, releases in UAE on March 9.