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Jarugandi, meaning ‘move quickly’ in Telugu, is a word heard constantly while waiting in line at the shrine of Balaji in Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh.

Debutant director AN Pichumani promises a racy thriller in Jarugandi, releasing in the UAE on October 25.

“The screenplay moves fast and every character’s life moves quickly from one situation to another,” said Pichumani, who has been assisting director Venkat Prabhu since 2007.

Shot in Chennai and Pondicherry, Jarugandi is jointly produced by Tamil actor Nithin Sathya (his first into production) and Badri Kasturi.

Sathya said: “Ever since I started acting, I have been fascinated by a film’s production and would sneak into the production side trying to gain some insight. Jarugandi is the right time.”

The movie tells the story of Satya, who takes a bank loan to start a travel agency. Actor Jai plays Satya, while Malayali actress Reba Monica John steps into Tamil cinema as Keerthi.

“Keerthi is an orphan who aspires to do big things in life but due to an unfortunate incident she is stuck in a situation and that’s how she meets Satya,” said John.

Jarugandi, however, is not only about Satya. There are several others who are caught in a problem on account of their wrongdoings. Robo Shankar plays a rich man’s son, who leads an easy life, while Daniel Anne Pope is Sathya’s friend. All the characters’ lives are interconnected.

The supporting cast includes Illavarasu and Bose Venkat. Amit Kumar Tiwari plays the villain.