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“Don’t judge my film by its two minutes trailer,” said Tamil director Anita Udeep who returns with her second film, ‘90ML’.

The trailer showing a bunch of young women smoking and drinking was brutally trolled and criticised for its sexually explicit content and double entendres. Here was something unimaginable in Tamil cinema.

Udeep, who debuted with ‘Kulir 100 Degrees’ in 2009, said in an interview, “Don’t judge a woman. Accept her for who she is. There is more to the film of two hours than the trailer of two minutes.”

Actress Oviya in another interview said that it was unfair to judge her based on the character she plays in the trailer. “As an actor I am playing a role. It is not the real me.”

‘90ML’ is about five women and reflects the issues each one has to deal with on account of their gender. Oviya, of ‘Big Boss’ fame, is one of the lead stars, and plays a beautician working in a salon. The other characters are an IT professional, a young mother with a three-year-old child, a new bride and a small town girl who has eloped with a gangster.

Udeep added that ‘90ML’ is about the choices women make to empower themselves.

‘90ML’ releases in UAE on February 28.